Procedure for withdrawal from School


1.    Application for school leaving certificate is to be submitted at least 15 days prior to the intention of withdrawal.

2.    The withdrawal application to be a school leaving certificate along with a fee of Rs.200 towards the School Leaving Certificate.

3.    School Leaving Certificate will be issued only after all the dues have been cleared.


A pupil’s name will be taken off the school rolls on the following grounds: -

1.    Consistent failure to pay fees on the due date.

2.    Absence from school for a period of 30 continuous days without prior permission of the school authorities.

3.    Repeated failure in any class for a period of 2 years in succession.

4.    For gross misconduct resulting in damage to the prosperity of the fair name of the school.

5.    Unacceptable behavior, which can fall under the definition of ragging according to THE HIMACHAL PRADESH EDUCATIONAL                 INSTITUTIONS (PROHIBITION OF RAGGING) ACT, 2009.

The pupil whose name is stuck off the rolls may be considered for re- admission to the school at the Principal’s formalities of new admission.