House System

House System

Nirmal Chintamani Public school is fortunate in having the house system, for it has helped a great deal in sowing the seeds of leadership. It inspires the spirit of competition and brings out the best in students. It toughens all the aspects of school life and has become a part of tradition. The school is divided into three houses: -

1. GANGA HOUSE:- The Ganga house draws inspiration from evergreen nature. They wish to adopt the same abiding and never ending approach of Nature to beautify the Earth.

OBJECTIVE: - The Ganga house pledges to be like the river that flows continuously, gathering beautiful things that come its way.

MOTTO: - “Live out every moment that comes to you”.


2. YAMUNA HOUSE:- The Yamuna House has adopted the fiery river as their role model. They wish to radiate the flame of warmth.

OBJECTIVE: - The Yamuna House pledges to share their warmth of LOVE, JOY and PEACE to all around.

MOTTO: - “Sparkle and Spread your Splendor”.

COLOUR: - Yellow

3. SARASWATI HOUSE:- The Saraswati House has adopted the energy and zest of water as their role model. They wish to be constantly on the move like the flowing river.

OBJECTIVE: - The Saraswati House aims to grow and learn from every experience, thereby sharing its wisdom to benefit all those around.

MOTTO: - “Bloom in all seasons of Life.”